Remember your first bite of a hot, fresh doughnut? We do, too. Launched to capture those sweet memories, captivating aromas, and feelings of nostalgia. Today, The Dapper Doughnut® offers the highest quality doughnut experience around. We create hard-to-resist doughnut treats, gourmet coffee and beverage choices, and soft-serve frozen desserts that will rekindle happy memories and create new ones. The Dapper Doughnut celebrates the unique process of crafting mini- doughnuts to each customer’s order. Our doughnuts are cooked to perfection, dressed artfully, and presented with care. Our packaging plays an active role in establishing the brand identity, setting The Dapper Doughnut products apart from others. These distinctive Dapper boxes are even incorporated as a visible design feature in our stores to reinforce our unique approach — these aren’t just any doughnuts, these are Dapper Doughnuts! Our mission is to share hand-crafted doughnuts, enchanting toppings, quality beverages, and, exceptional service for everyone who walks into the retail store or orders catering/delivery. We are really so much more than just a doughnut company. We are committed to the highest quality when it comes to product and customer service and believe in forming a community around our brand, allowing our passion for excellence and service to bless our communities. All this adds up to one thing — making The Dapper Doughnut® a household name synonymous with excellence.

The Dapper Doughnut:

Minimum Investment Requirements

    Minimum Cash Required $250,000

    Minimum Net Worth Required $500,000

American entrepreneur, inventor, and co-founder/owner Mark Publicover and his team have formulated a strategic business model to launch and support a National and International franchise network for hot, fresh mini-doughnuts. It is truly a “Dapper” business experience.

The gourmet dessert sector is booming, with growing demand for alternative dessert options.  Our unique food concept — hot, fresh mini-doughnuts, full-line coffee & tea beverages, and soft-serve frozen desserts — paired with our distinctive branding, set The Dapper Doughnut® apart.

The doughnuts are key.  We start with our proprietary recipe, then cook and dress these delectable doughnuts right in front of the customer.  This process entices, engages, and captivates the audience — adding entertainment value!  The result? Hot, delicious doughnuts made fresh all day long that set us apart from just about any other franchised (or mom and pop) doughnut company anywhere.

Our retail franchise model (Retail Full Service or Retail Express) targets high traffic locations such as retail strip centers, outlet malls, hotels, sporting arenas, airports, etc., while our food service model operates within large metro regions within a state or province.  A food service license supports both Corporate Catering and Food Trucks. Catering opportunities include weddings, bridal showers, corporate events, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, special celebratory events, etc.  Local and National catering companies enjoy working with us as they generally do not own a doughnut making machine, and we bring ours on-site to their event, adding a unique component to their menu.

The Dapper Doughnut concept is like no other food and beverage franchise.  The combination of doughnuts with a complete line of specialty coffee, tea, hot and cold blended drinks, and soft-serve desserts attract a broad range of customers and keeps them coming back.  Catering opportunities help Dapper franchisees engage with their communities. And our experienced team of professionals are here to support you throughout the launch and operation of your business.


  • Retail Full Service (typically 1,000 – 1,500 ft2) — supports complete range of Dapper retail opportunities in defined territories
  • Retail Express (typically 60 – 100 ft2) — placed in other established retail locations (a great way to expand your business within a Full Service territory)
  • Food Service License — Operates across larger region offering Corporate Catering and/or Food Trucks to serve larger events and accounts
  • Portable doughnut machines — bring the unique, Dapper experience to smaller and larger on-site events
  • Catering and delivery opportunities offer strong revenue potential
  • Simple F&B model – Easy-to-manage menu of doughnuts and full-line coffee, tea, and other beverages, plus soft-serve
  • Much lower food costs relative to typical food franchises
  • Offers a minimum of 5 days of training at our Las Vegas training center and 3 days of on-site training in your market at your location
  • Much lower average investment to open a Dapper franchise compared with most other food franchises
  • Year-round business – our seasonal flavors keep our menu fresh
  • Limited competition – while there is a lot of competition for full-sized doughnuts that are made in the morning and sit on the shelf throughout the day, there is very little competition for hot, fresh mini-doughnuts . . . and ours taste so much better than theirs!
  • World-wide appeal – everyone loves doughnuts!